Solo project of one of the french duo "Groove inspektorz", techno to progressive dj set
James aka Hypnos comes from the south of France. He discovered underground electronic music in 1999 and started composing music in 2000. His first performances were in free parties and teknivals: techno, drum and bass, break beat, his style evolved throughout the years. In 2003, the Krymoditif Crew is born with DJ HP. In 2006, he finally meets the trance culture, a revelation that pushes him forward in the electronic music with a psychedelic progressive live act. And in 2010, he becomes one the pirates in the big World People family, a label/crew who organize trance festivals and parties. Member also of Natural Beat Makerz (NBM), a crew associated with KOSENPROD, based in TOULOUSE, a label specialized in booking and organizing big events all around Europe. He played along side well known artists like :NOK, Audiomatic, Anneli, Toto, Misstick, Eegor, D-Sens, Earthling, Synthetic chaos, KDS, Hp, Synaptick, Bone machine, Illegal machines, Junesix, Looney moon rec just to name a few... You can see him in all the major parties in the south of France and he now conquers Europe with his proggy bass-lines and original tracks. Stay tuned for more !! See you on the dance floor !!

Projet solo d'un des membres du duo "Groove inspektorz", de la Techno à la Progressive.
James aka Hypnos est originaire du sud de la France. Il découvre le monde de la musique électronique en 1999 et commence à bidouiller séquenceurs et sampleurs au début de l' an 2000. Ses débuts se font dans les free parties et teknivals: techno, drum and bass, breakbeat, son style évolua au fil des années. En 2003, il fonde avec son accolyte Dj P le Krymoditif crew. Ce n'est qu'en 2006 qu'il découvre le monde de la trance: une révélation qui lui permet de s'épanouir musicalement, avec un live progressif, psyché, et même de la minimal pumpy. Il rejoint la famille des pirates World-People en 2010, une association/label qui organise des festivals trance en France. Il devient membre également de Natural Beat Makerz (NBM), présents sur Toulouse dans le booking, l'organisation d évènements et la production d'artistes.


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